Good Times on the 4th!!

I hope you all had a great time yesterday!!! Here in Jersey it was a great day to be at the beach, park or pool....actually anywhere outdoors was a great choice!  The day was beautiful!!
My mom's cousin and his wife were having a pool party so that's where we chose to celebrate our 4th of July! My mom & grandparents were here visiting from Pennsylvania, so it was a great day to spend outdoors with family.
They have a pool so we didn't roast under the was really hot!! There was also plenty of food to enjoy & then lots of games with the kids.....they had a blast!!

The party was finished off with a game of pool between my son & my grandfather....good times!!!

We got back home at 9pm, so we stayed home & enjoyed the fireworks on was too late to go somewhere to see them live!!  Everyone was too tired to go out and stand around waiting for fireworks anyway!!