My Weight Loss Plans continue.....with a twist!

I've had weight issues ever since I had my daughter in 2005~I lose a few pounds & as fast as I can blink, the pounds are back on, sometimes with a couple extra! Ugh--so depressing!
For over a year now, I have been trying to keep track of my weight loss on my Tumblr blog-which I have decided to shut down now.  I decided to add my weight loss & change in eating habits to this blog....I think its easier for me :)
So....besides my ongoing struggles, I am now inspired to really get in shape thanks to the Disney's Princess Half Marathon.  Leave it to me to add Disney to my weight loss plans, hehehehe!!  This event is scheduled for February 22-24, I am hoping to be able to attend and get in shape to run this half marathon...yay!!!  I've never participated in anything like this before...I've never been an athletic person, so I really have to dedicate time to get in shape.  I'm not doing this just for the marathon, I know that I need this to be healthy and keep up with my kids' hectic schedules during the school year, so here we go!!

So here I am - start of week 1, healthier eating and working out!! I am following Jeff Galloway's training program for the Disney Princess Half Marathon.  I'm hoping this training will help me run faster and more.  Today I ran for 30 minutes with a pace of 16'13"/mi, 1.85 miles total.  This has got to improve, no question!!!

Now to plan our meals for the rest of the day.....I am including my family as much as I can.  This goal of mine is not only for me & my hubby to lose weight, but for all of us to learn how to eat healthier and maintain a healthy & active lifestyle!!