Nothing for Day 5 :(

Well, I attempted Day 5 outdoors.  We were at a nice park and I attempted to jog and only did 0.21 awful is that????  It was too muggy, I felt exhausted, hot & sticky and just could not even walk after that!!  Then got to my sister-in-law's house and that was it for me! Pizza for dinner & a nice cold beer to relax....I haven't gotten up since :/

Days 6 & 7 aren't looking very promising either.  Plans for tomorrow are...pool-thats it!! What can I possibly do to workout in a pool, I don't know.  Maybe I'll google it and I'll find some kind of water workout so my weekend won't be a total loss.

To make matters worse, I am now craving something sweet...cake or something!!! AAAHHHHHH!!

Fortunately, I am already undressed so I won't be going out to buy something and my sister-in-law doesn't have anything sweet to snack on-except watermelon!  I'm saved, for tonight!

We have a very low key weekend ahead--swimming in the pool and not much else.  Maybe take a ride to the beach, but nothing for sure yet!  I just hope the sun is out.....want to even out my tan :)

Have a great weekend everyone!!