Park, Beach & Pool!!!

This past weekend was a blast & very little money spent, which is always a good thing :)  The fun started on Friday morning when I picked up my daughter's best friend and took them on a playdate to the park.  The parks now have sprinklers so the kids can run around in & stay cool.  I loved it!! Found a bench in the shade & just let them run around.

After the park, we went to Mcdonald's for lunch & then took the BFF home.  My daughter was happy, but did sulk a bit because the playtime was over.  Now back home to pack for our weekend in Spotswood!
We had planned to stay at my sister-in-law's house for 1 night, so Saturday morning we headed out.  We stopped at her house, dropped off the sleep-over stuff and headed to the beach.  Our beach of choice this morning was Long Branch.  No boardwalk full of games & food so we don't spend money :)
The ocean was amazing--for it being a Jersey beach that is!  No bad waves & the water didn't feel ice cold-it was cold, but it wasn't bad!  As soon as we set up our chairs we all jumped in!

 My son trying to avoid the camera, LOL!
When I finally came out, I got a pic of all 3 of them

 So after spending most of the afternoon in Long Branch, we decide to go eat and then took a ride to Seaside Heights.  Here is where we always waste so much money on games & food.  In order to limit the amount of money spent, we ate at a McDonald's before arriving to the boardwalk, and my hubby set a limit on money.  Once that amount was spent, we'd be finished for the day!
The kids had a great time playing all kinds of games and winning son has thousands of points accumulated! He's trying to win some headphones!  We left the boardwalk at 7:30 and headed back to Spotswood.
The next morning was great.  We woke up, had breakfast and changed into our bathing suits to jump in the pool.  9am and we were in the pool.....I thought we'd wait until 11 or so, but nope, not my kids!!  I'm lucky they waited to have breakfast before going in!

Here is my hard working man, mowing the lawn for his sister :)

Here we decided to try out my niece's kayak in the pool....

Now we know that we must take a day to go on a lake to let the kids kayak!! We all loved it!! 

Well, after all the pool time and having pizza for lunch, we headed back home!  
That was our weekend fun-Bye, bye!!