Vacation: To Stay or Go Away????

Almost a week ago we were waiting to hear from my hubby's job regarding his vacation request.  They take an awful long time to give an answer, but finally on Thursday morning he was told that it was okay!!
Now....what to do???  We can't be home for the whole week!!! He gets bored being home all day, so I started making some comparisons.  We had talked about going to Florida (our usual vacation spot) but we weren't 100% sold on it because money is tight!  If we stayed, we'd have to come up with things to do to fill up at least 5 here is what I came up with:

Staying: Take day trips- cost for the day including food but not the gas or tolls!

Day 1-Cooperstown, NY for the day - 3 hour drive - visit the Baseball Hall of Fame & the Baseball Wax Museum - cost with food - $200

Day 2-Trip to NYC -American Girl(for my daughter's b-day) - Bronx Zoo- approximately $300

Day 3-Point Pleasant Beach - Jenkinsons Aquarium + Beach - $100

Day 4- Wildwood for the day - Whale & Dolphin Watching : $200

Day 5- Camden-Philly - Adventure Aquarium - ferry to Philly to see historical sites: $200

Approximate Total: $1000 - not including gas & tolls, also this is a guess-we never know how much we would spend on food or souvenirs, which I am a sucker for!

Now time for Option #2 - Going away: Floriday-The Sunshine State-my homestate :)

Going to Miami, FL for us is very economical because we stay at either my dad's house or my grandparent's house, and we eat home cooked meals almost every single day - so no money wasted on hotels or eating out!

Gas - $400 (guessing here, but basing it on our previous trip to Florida)

Day 1 - Beach - $0 - bringing food from home

Day 2 - Jungle Island - $200 - including food(choosing to eat out here)

Day 3 - Beach & lunch at Larios on the Beach - $100 (maybe more)

Day 4 - visiting an old friend

Day 5 - Pool time at my dad's with the whole family

Approximate Total: $700

I don't know about you, but I think Florida wins!!!