Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Workout Complete for Day 2!

2 miles in 30 minutes done!! Yay!! I also finished up a mix of different crunches-trying to work out my abs-I'm in desperate need to lose the belly :/

I'll be getting my salad ready for lunch in a few and I only had coffee for breakfast-that may not have been great, but I had nothing else.  So, after my coffee I ran up the block (ok, I actually walked) and bought a couple of items we needed to make meals for the week.  Dinner will be chicken with veggies and a little bit of white rice...not too bad!

I also decided to weigh myself today, even though I tend to do it on Thursdays only, and I wish I hadn't!! My Wii says I gained 1.3 lbs...WTH!!!! I'll blame it on my workouts!!

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