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Wordless Wednesday - The Disney Letter "D"

Daisy & Donald

Dinosaur Ride @ Animal Kingdom

Disney Duck @ Magic Kingdom

Drenched on Kali River Rapids in Animal Kingdom, LOL 

Thanks to Debs @ Focused on the Magic for hosting :)
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Menu Plan Monday

Ugh it's Monday already, 1 week closer to the first day of school! I have so much to do today & tomorrow that I don't know where to begin. Well, since this post is about my menu plan for the week, I should begin with that-right? Ok then, here we go!

Monday: lemon chicken cutlets with baked potato

Tuesday: pork chops with salad & veggies, plus rice & beans for those of us not dieting :/

Wednesday: tacos for kids, taco salads for us dieters :/

Thursday: grilled chicken with veggies, rice for kids

Friday: meatloaf with baked potato (still looking for a meatloaf recipe since I've never made this-any suggestions?)

Oh & lots & lots of water for us trying to stick to a diet (who ruined it yesterday!) *shrug* yeah, we went to Seaside Heights yesterday & I had pizza, ice cream & zeppoles! If I lost any weight at all during the week, I just gained it back in one day! I'm terrible!!

On a lighter note, Radio Disney was on the boardwalk yesterday. They playe…

Back to School Shopping Saturday

One more week to make sure everything is in order & ready for back to school.  I'm a little stressed out about it being that my kids will be in different schools and since I am "the ride" to school for both, it is going to be chaotic!  I'll deal with that next week, but this weekend was trying to finish up the school shopping.

I started reading about the Krazy Coupon Lady in an effort to reduce my shopping bills, but I'm not great at following sales.  I'm trying....really, I am.  As a matter of fact, I will be going to pick up a few newspapers today.....I don't want to be coupon crazy, but I need to try something-my shopping bills are through the roof and being unemployed, plus trying to pay for a Disney vacation in November are making my stress levels go through the roof as well!!!

So back to back to school shopping: I already purchased most supplies in July from Target.  They were having some good sales on a day that we happened to stop in, so I bo…

It's Friday!!!

Yay, its Friday and that means some pool or beach time.....we have to squeeze these days in as much as we can now that summer is coming to an end & soon our weekends will be filled with baseball games :)

So I'm not sure what we are doing this weekend, but for now its time for 5 Question Friday!!

1. If you could have been (could be) any profession you wanted (brains and $$$ no problem) what would it be?

Well, I think that would be a photographer.  I love photography and I don't take it up now because I don't have the time and don't feel that there is enough business for a photographer these days.  I also have an interest in being a realtor (which I am planning on taking the course soon), because you have the potential to make a good living and can make up your own hours.  I've always felt that I didn't belong in an office for 8-9 hours a day, and now I'm convinced that I don't! I need to have my own business and I'm hoping that real estate will be…

Blurb Facebook Photo Book Giveaway!!!

Alright everyone, I'm ready to have my very first giveaway thanks to the good people at Blurb!!  Last Friday I wrote a post about my Facebook photo book, and now I'm ready to give one lucky reader a chance to create their own facebook photo book ($25 value).

I love my book, it was just as I expected it to be!!  It was a great way to put together my memories of our summer vacation.  Now you can win a chance to create your own Blurb Facebook photo book and put all of your summer memories into a book you will treasure for many years to come!  All you have to do is follow my blog and leave me a comment below to let me know how you are following me (GFC, Twitter, FB, Networked Blogs).  For extra entries you can also follow @BlurbBooks on Twitter, and comment below to let me know.  This giveaway will run until Friday, September 7th.  The winner will be randomly selected and contacted via email.

Hurry up and start entering.....this is a great way to create a memorable book with all …

Destination Disney~Disney in Color~Gold

Hi all!!! This week's Destination Disney color is Gold-Thanks to Heidi for hosting :)

Here are my DD~Gold:

Plenty of Gold to see in China!

Gold coins on our bedspread in the Pirate themed rooms at Caribbean Beach!

Gold headgear on dolls in Its a Small World!

and finally, Gold necklace & crown on Aurora!

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Disneyland~Xbox Game

So yesterday was my hubby's birthday & I still hadn't bought him a gift, so me & my baby girl took a ride to ToysRus.  He loves playing xbox and there was a Star Wars game that he wanted.  These games are so expensive that we only buy them for special occasions like birthdays or holidays.  Now toysRus is having a sale this week-you buy one at regular price & get a second for 40% off, so I began looking for something that the rest of us would enjoy too.  I love the kinect games because you have to move to play the game, so this is the type of game I was looking for.  Then, there it was!! The Disneyland game for 19.99 and I would get 40% off of that.....I was soooo getting it!

Now we couldn't play yesterday because it was hubby's birthday but there was no excuses this morning!  I popped it in so I could play with my daughter.  Now, I don't usually touch hubby's Xbox so I got everything running but for some reason the Kinect sensor was having trouble …

Wordless Wednesday ~ Disney Friends

It's another Wordless Wednesday!!! This week's theme is Disney Friends & here are some Disney friends we've met through the years!

We love meeting the characters and I know there are more that I didn't include here, plus others we haven't met.....but that's what I set out to do every trip :)  Hope you enjoyed my Disney Friends!!

Thanks to Debs @ Focused on the Magic for hosting this awesome blog should all stop by and check out more Disney Friends :)

Off the Diet Track.....Temporarily!

I didn't mean to get off track, we are doing really well in the eating department.....but it is my hubby's birthday & what is a birthday without cake!!!

My daughter & I baked him a cake today........

I decorated as best I could (I'm thinking of taking classes)
Added candles......
Gave him his gift & the singing commenced.......
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday daddy....Happy Birthday to you!!! And he blew out his candles(hope he wished for us to move out of here, lol)

So yes, for my hubby's birthday we stopped our diet for 1 evening. He is the best thing that has happened to me & he has given me the 2 best things kids!! I love & adore Leo man-at times very difficult to deal with but that's a Leo for daughter(also a Leo) is the same way-LOL.  So I have 2 Leos to deal with every day, but I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world!!