Back to School Shopping Saturday

One more week to make sure everything is in order & ready for back to school.  I'm a little stressed out about it being that my kids will be in different schools and since I am "the ride" to school for both, it is going to be chaotic!  I'll deal with that next week, but this weekend was trying to finish up the school shopping.

I started reading about the Krazy Coupon Lady in an effort to reduce my shopping bills, but I'm not great at following sales.  I'm trying....really, I am.  As a matter of fact, I will be going to pick up a few newspapers today.....I don't want to be coupon crazy, but I need to try something-my shopping bills are through the roof and being unemployed, plus trying to pay for a Disney vacation in November are making my stress levels go through the roof as well!!!

So back to back to school shopping: I already purchased most supplies in July from Target.  They were having some good sales on a day that we happened to stop in, so I bought my daughter's notebooks, erasers and folders.  My son's binders were bought at Sam's club-they had this packet with 2 binders, filler paper, and 2 notebooks for $10.  I think there was something else in there, just can't remember.  Pencils and pens were not needed being that I have a bag full of them :) I didn't buy new book bags because both of my kids' bags were still in great they will be using them again this year.  I will be going out for a new lunch box for my daughter--I need to see what store has them the cheapest!  Now, as far as clothes goes, they both attend Catholic schools so there are no sales or coupons to help me here.  Uniforms must be bought at stores assigned by the school.  Since my son is attending High School for the first time, he needed everything new!  I don't buy an outfit for everyday, he has learned to be careful and not dirty his clothes, then takes it off as soon as he gets I can stretch the clothing out for a week.  I purchased 3 pants, 3 shirts and 1 fleece for him.....the pants have the store name on the back pocket, but I will try to get him khaki pants elsewhere(for less money) and see if they don't tell him anything about it(keeping my fingers crossed).  Either way, I think this is good for now, actually it better be because this all cost me $220!!! Luckily the shoes can be bought anywhere, so we went to Payless and he got dress shoes for $24.99!
Up next is my daughter, which isn't too bad right now.  Her uniform dress and shirts, from last year, still fit!! Hooray!!!  All I need to get her are knee high socks, which shouldn't be hard to find.  I also bought her new school shoes at Payless-dress shoes and sneakers for gym class.

On Tuesday I have to take my son to the HS to get his schedule, ID pictures, school pictures and he needs to buy is lock for his locker and any spirit items he may want.....I have no idea how much this will cost! So after Tuesday, I should be finished with all back to school shopping.

So I know I've spent so much in these past couple of weeks that now its time to really learn how to follow sales and use coupons the right way to save me some money :)  Beginning today!!!

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How's your back to school shopping going??