Half way through Vacation!!

Well it is Wednesday.....aaaaahhhhhh, Friday is getting closer.  I'm not thinking about that now, I push the thought out of my mind and think of the good time that awaits us today.....kind of.  We originally thought of going to South Beach to go swimming, then going to eat at Larios on the Beach, but instead we took our time at breakfast and just hung out with my grandparents for a bit, after all today was our last day with them. We still planned on lunch at Larios, there is no way I'm leaving Miami and not going to eat there and up until this point we have not wasted any money! South Beach, here we come!!

As always, Larios on the Beach does not disappoint!!

My son's order: Cheeseburger - my daughter order chicken fingers-didn't take a picture of them:

Drinks for mommy & daddy :) Mango mojito for me & some pineapple something for Laz 

Mmmm....My Shrimp in Mango Sauce-love it, gotta try to find a recipe for this

Laz's order - a Churrasco with moro (skirt steak with black beans & rice)

Then, of course, comes the dessert........
First up, my tres leche cake (took a bite before taking pic, couldn't resist, LOL) this is Heaven!!!

Laz's dessert: Flan with shredded coconut

No pics of the kids' dessert since they ordered plain chocolate ice cream! I really need to teach these kids how to eat & enjoy new foods!

Very happy customers--LOL!!

After Larios, we walked for a bit.  I walked into the DASH Boutique, loved so many things in here but couldn't afford a t-shirt :/  oh well, maybe next time
Then we stopped at Ritchie Swimwear. We stopped here last year and I bought myself 1 bikini, but this year  my wonderful hubby treated me to 2!!  It was hard to select just 2, there are so many different colors, I could have 1 of each!
Anyway, after my shopping, we got back in the car to go back to my grandparent's home when we saw minions!!!

Yes!! These guys were walking around so we jumped out of the car to take a quick pic!! They were so cute, they both blew kisses to my daughter when she approached them!!

This was a great day, but sad end since it was time to say goodbye to my grandparents.  I always hate this part of our vacations here!  As much as I try to hold back the tears, I always break down when we are about a block away! I hate leaving them and my childhood home!