I'm Back!!

Yes I am back folks, sadly I didn't want to return to NJ but I had to.  Since I was away, I didn't have time to update anything here....too busy at the pool and beach, LOL.
We got back Sunday night, and I've spent the last 3 days cleaning, unpacking and trying to catch up on my emails.....its really been an exhausting couple of days and I'm nowhere near finished!! I'm trying to clean out my house, starting with the kids' rooms.  So far I have about 6 bags of clothes and 4 small boxes of books, and I don't even know how many bags of toys.....ugh, I can't believe the amount of stuff we have accumulated through the years.  When I am finally finished, I plan on having a garage sale to try and sell as much as I can.  Whatever is left over will be donated.  I normally donate our stuff to the Salvation Army but I need to try to make some extra cash!!  We need to make some major changes soon and we need money for that, so its time to sell the stuff we don't use or need anymore :)
I'm also going to be getting together a trip report to share our Florida trip with you all.  It was nothing crazy, it was mostly family time, but we did get to an aquarium which my daughter has been begging to go to.
It was a great time.....financially speaking, we should have stayed home, but for our mental and physical well-being we did the right thing in going.  My hubby & I are burned out from all the stress and family issues here at home......we REALLY needed to get out of here.  We needed to get out of here so bad that we didn't want to come back!!
I'm off for now....time to catch up with other blogs I follow plus get started on typing up my trip report

Good night all!!