It's Almost Over :(

Well, we left my grandparents' house and headed to my sister's for dinner.  The kids went straight into her pool, they can't live without going in someone's pool....LOL!  Then back to my dad's for bedtime!
The next day was also very easy going.  We went with my sister and all of the kids to the mall, trying to do something inexpensive and different, plus I love the mall!
We walked around for a bit, had lunch but no shopping!!  Then back to the house for more pool time!!
Later that night, I was packing our suitcases again since we were leaving in the morning, when my hubby comes into the room and asks if I want to stay an extra day.  Well, DUH!! Of course I do, that's not the question you should be asking me!! LOL, he said it was fine with him so we stayed.....packing has stopped and will resume Friday night!!!
Now Friday morning was quite, my dad had to see his doctor so we decided to hit the mall again except this time it was just us four.  Our small family, going shopping for a bit :) it was nice, but a bit pricey!  I happened to have some Gymbucks that I wanted to use to get my daughter some new clothes, so we went to Gymboree and I, as usual, spent more than I planned on! Oh well, we are on vacation! Next up was Charlotte Russe for me, and spent very little since they were having a great clearance sale!! My son wanted a new hat from Lids, so we stopped there and Laz didn't really want anything so he didn't ask to stop anywhere.  The last stop was for me, and it was a Charming Charlie! I had never seen or heard about this store before, and let me tell you that it has become my favorite store for accessories.  Wow!!! There is a booth for every color imaginable, and there is so much of everything!! The prices were great too, I didn't find them expensive at all!! Now I'm looking for a store here in Jersey, I will definitely be shopping here more often!
Now we head back to the house, and after a bit of begging by my daughter, I finally jump in the pool with her.  Nobody was here yet, and she didn't want to be in there alone, plus it was hot so I finally gave in and changed.  The water was great and refreshing.  I was enjoying myself and taking pictures, when all of a sudden I look to my left and see a little frog in the water, right next to ME!!! OMG!!! I freaked and at the same time my parents & sister showed up!! So my hubby came out of the house when he heard me and took it out of the water.  Afterwards I felt bad because it was dead, but that was gross.....swimming in the water with the frog in there too....yuck!!!

Needless to say that was it for me!! I was ready to get dressed and do something else.
My sister was looking up some RV Show that my dad and her husband wanted to attend.  When she found the information, she realized that it was going on today and admission was free.....hey, now we have something to do for we are all off to the Palm Beach convention center
It was nice & depressing seeing so many gorgeous RV's.  I would love to own one someday, its just that we like the bus, motorhome type and they cost a fortune! I could buy a house for what one of these costs so unless I hit the lottery or come up with some great business venture that makes me a lot of money, I won't be owning one!
After all this it was time to go back home, eat dinner and really pack and say our goodbyes :(