It's Friday!!!

Yay, its Friday and that means some pool or beach time.....we have to squeeze these days in as much as we can now that summer is coming to an end & soon our weekends will be filled with baseball games :)

So I'm not sure what we are doing this weekend, but for now its time for 5 Question Friday!!

1. If you could have been (could be) any profession you wanted (brains and $$$ no problem) what would it be?

Well, I think that would be a photographer.  I love photography and I don't take it up now because I don't have the time and don't feel that there is enough business for a photographer these days.  I also have an interest in being a realtor (which I am planning on taking the course soon), because you have the potential to make a good living and can make up your own hours.  I've always felt that I didn't belong in an office for 8-9 hours a day, and now I'm convinced that I don't! I need to have my own business and I'm hoping that real estate will be it for me.  If not, its back to an office out of financial need :(

2. How often do you clean out your car?

 When my husband starts complaining about the mess, hehehehe!!! For 10 months out of the year, we practically live in the car, so you will find books, toys, sports stuff, dance stuff and even snacks in the backseat of my car....besides, I don't sit in the back seat so I only look back there when hubby starts saying that its a mess.  Then I make the kids clean it out since it is their mess to begin with.

3. Do you wish there was such a thing as fashion police or are you deeply relieved?

I am deeply relieved, LOL!! I think I dress alright, but there are days that I just don't have it in me-especially if I'm just running to the grocery store.  I will leave my house looking like a hot mess!!! Hair in a pony-tail(if its really bad, I put on a baseball hat), running/yoga pants, t-shirt/tank top and flip-flops/sneakers....and that is my "going to do groceries" outfit-fashion police would have a field day with me!

4. What's your go to food/drink/activity when stressed?

I didn't ever think that I had a go to food/drink when I'm stressed, but I do find that I'll go to the fridge 100 times throughout the day, looking for snacks!  I don't keep pepsi on hand anymore, or any kind of chips or ice cream since we are on a diet, but if I did keep it, I think it would be pepsi.  For some reason I feel so refreshed after 1 or several glasses of ice cold pepsi.....aaaahhhhhh, I can taste it now!

5. If you had twins, what would you name them?

This is a funny question because I always dreamed of having twins! First, I wanted a girl & boy, then with my second pregnancy I was hoping for 2 girls.....never happened & never going to happen......but anyway, if I were to have twins-boy & girl-their names would be Dylan Michael & Danielle Marie or girl & girl: Tiffani Anne & Tammi Alicia and finally if it would be boy & boy: Dylan Michael (love this name) & Damon Marcus.....yes, my childrens' names must match.....LOL! As a matter of fact, my kids are not twins but they have similar initials: my boy is C.A.R & my girl is K.A.R.....also associated with hubby's love of cars(not the movie)!

Thanks to Mama M. @ My Little Life for hosting, stop by to join in or see more posts to 5QF.......Now its time to get the weekend started!!!


  1. I love photography a hobby. But are you sure there isn't a market for it? I have a few friends who seem to be doing really well shooting pics of families, babies, and weddings. Of course they are really talented...but if it something that you love and think you could do well, I don't know if I would count it out as a lucrative (and enjoyable) job!


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