Looking for a Free Quote for a Disney Destination?

I actually finished my courses at the College of Disney Knowledge months ago, and received my graduation kit a few weeks ago, but now I've finally gotten around to spread the word!!

I can answer any questions you may have and give you a free quote, so why not contact me for your next Disney Vacation??  I can make all of your reservations including and ADR's (Advanced Dinner Reservations) and any shore excursions for your Disney Cruise!

Want to look up some information, just click on the Walt Disney World Button and you are there!!!

You can also visit MickeyVacations.com, click on Get A Quote, Fill in the form and in the section where it asks, Are you working with a Specific Travel Planner, just select my name from the drop down list 
"Grisel Rey"
You can also follow my travel specific twitter @FantasyFildTrvl

Have a Magical Day Everyone!!!!


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