Monday, August 27, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

Ugh it's Monday already, 1 week closer to the first day of school! I have so much to do today & tomorrow that I don't know where to begin. Well, since this post is about my menu plan for the week, I should begin with that-right? Ok then, here we go!

Monday: lemon chicken cutlets with baked potato

Tuesday: pork chops with salad & veggies, plus rice & beans for those of us not dieting :/

Wednesday: tacos for kids, taco salads for us dieters :/

Thursday: grilled chicken with veggies, rice for kids

Friday: meatloaf with baked potato (still looking for a meatloaf recipe since I've never made this-any suggestions?)

Oh & lots & lots of water for us trying to stick to a diet (who ruined it yesterday!) *shrug* yeah, we went to Seaside Heights yesterday & I had pizza, ice cream & zeppoles! If I lost any weight at all during the week, I just gained it back in one day! I'm terrible!!

On a lighter note, Radio Disney was on the boardwalk yesterday. They played some good music for the kids & had some games but my daughter wasn't too interested so we didn't stay to see all of it, oh well. It was nice just being there & riding som rides :)

How was your weekend? Hope you all had time to plan your meals, if you did come on over to I'm an Organizing Junkie & link up, if you didn't then still come over for more great meal ideas & recipes :)

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