Waking up in Sunny Florida

I have no idea what time it was, but all I knew is that I felt better and I was soooo happy waking up in Florida!  It really is a completely different atmosphere, and we have so much more to do.....especially since my dad had a pool.  The kids were ready to jump in....unfortunately, it wasn't so sunny when we got up.  It was raining and it was cloudy :( Boo!!!
An hour or so later, it stopped raining, the sun wasn't out but atleast the rain stopped a bit so the kids jumped in!! They didn't waste any time....LOL!! They would spend all morning going into the pool and running out when it started raining.  Eventually it did clear up and the sun came out....typical Florida weather!  My daughter's birthday was on Tuesday but this would probably be the only day we would all be together, my parents, sisters with husbands and kids, since we planned on returning to Jersey on Friday. So I went to the supermarket with my step-mom to buy a cake, which she ended up buying-SMH!  This was a wonderful surprise, which we did manage to pull off since she was busy playing with her cousins in the pool....she had NO idea!! My dad pulled up some Happy Birthday song from You Tube-I think-and he hooked it up to his speakers in the backyard....he turned it on and out walked Laz with the cake.....the look on her face was priceless......