Weekend Fun!!

Well, its only Sunday morning, we still have today to get through but its been a pretty good weekend so far.  Yesterday I cooked early and had a very good mid-afternoon meal, which turned out to be my lunch & dinner combined......I was so full that I couldn't eat anything for the rest of the day.  Afterwards, we headed out to the Meadowlands flea market, but they were closed so we went on to Jersey Gardens Mall.  Not the best of malls, but since we were right by the turnpike we decided to go there!
Once there, my hubby was in search for some new sneakers so we checked out the Puma outlet store.  Both my hubby & I walked out with new sneakers :) Then we went on to the Nike store since my son prefers Jordans, I don't see what the big deal is-sneakers are sneakers but teenagers don't think like us :/
So, my son walked out of there with 2 pairs of sneakers.....boy did he get lucky!!
Then we couldn't leave without getting a pair for our daughter, so we headed to the Skechers store!  She loves Twinkle Toes and has been asking for the high tops!! These sneakers were very wild & colorful, but they are sooooo my daughter, LOL!
We are done....back home we go!!
Now the plan for today is pool time at my sister-in-laws!! I packed up fruit, and a few other things to make for lunch over there, and the plan is relaxation all day!!!

How's your weekend so far - hope you are all enjoying it!!!