Cabela's - An Outdoorsman's Paradise

This past weekend we took a spontaneous trip to Cabela's store in Pennsylvania.  It was almost a 2 hour ride, but so worth it!!

You walk in and honestly, you don't know where to go first or what to look at first-unless you are there looking for something specific!

Whenever there are fish to feed, my kids are there!! LOL!

Now, I'm not a hunter, I have shot a rifle, never tried the bow but I don't think I can ever hunt an animal plus I don't have the patience to sit there waiting for a deer or bear to come by! My husband on the other hand, loves it!  He loves being in the woods, he can sit there all day and would love for our kids to join him.  So far, my son is enjoying the time he gets to shoot his bow.  My daughter is also enjoying her bow, and even says that she wants to go get a turkey for Thanksgiving this year, LOL.  I guess that would be a nice experience for them, but I'm not sure that either of them is ready to be out in the woods, but only time will tell!!!  Are any of you interested in hunting?  I've seen some of those hunting shows with my hubby and there have been several women on there, I do think its cool but I could never do it!