Family Time...slow Saturday

Another Saturday, another cancelled baseball game......leaving us with more time together at home!! Actually, we started out the day really early since hubby wanted to go to the swap meet at Englishtown. We haven't been here in years, but since hubby was looking for some parts to his 1969 firebird, we went. There wasn't as many vendors as there have been in previous years but we walked it all! I was exhausted, plus I woke up feeling under the weather which got worse as the day progressed.

Hubby didn't find anything but I got a bracelet & we bought some nice artwork. We love firebirds and there was artist there selling his drawings. So we got 3 drawings of firebirds to hang in our future home :)

When we got home I was glad that the game was cancelled because I felt so sick that I could barely keep my eyes open. So, straight to bed I went! Couple hours later I got up feeling a little better so I got to cooking :). Spaghetti & meatballs, everyone was happy!