It's Monday - Time to Plan the Week!

It is Monday and I'm coming off a very relaxing weekend.  Thanks to the weather, we spent a few hours at the mall on Saturday and my son's first baseball game, which was scheduled for Sunday, was cancelled.  NJ weather has been a bit crazy lately....tornadoes!! Really???? I've lived in Jersey for 27 years & I've NEVER seen a tornado warning! LOL, fortunately we didn't see anything and didn't even experience a bad storm so it was all ok! Now its back to business.....I have several things on the calendar for this week but I will start with our meals!!

Monday: Pork chops with white rice & beans
Tuesday: Chickpea Stew
Saturday: Spaghetti & Meatballs
Sunday: Baseball day - eating out :)

So this is it, I have to write up my shopping list to have all my ingredients available for the week!