Labor Day Weekend wrap up & More

I love 3-day weekends but now Tuesday feels like Monday & my schedule is a bit screwy this week.  So now, with calendar in hand, I need to get myself together....this is a very busy, busy week! Love how my kids are just giving me a wonderful shove into the reality of back to school & living on a schedule-ugh.

I'll begin with our weekend: we held a yard sale on Saturday and it was somewhat of a the rest of the really nice clothes and books will be listed on ebay for a bit, whatever does not sell will eventually end up in the donation bin.

After spending most of Saturday in the hot sun....I was ready to pass out, we showered and set off for dinner at Chili's :) I haven't been here in a while & the last time we did eat here, I was disappointed that they had changed a few of my fave dishes-I'm very picky and don't like everything.  Well, we got here and were seated right away.  My niece suggested I try the Bacon Ranch Quesadilla, so I did & I'm really glad I did!  It was delicious!!  

and who can leave here without eating a Molten Lava cake for dessert!!!! This baby here was split among my hubby, 2 kids & me!

So after dinner, we spent some time talking outside in the parking lot, where my hubby ended the night hurting his back!  Don't know how, but he made a sudden move & that was it!

So since hubby was injured, we spent Sunday at home.  I'm glad we did because I was beat!!!  I had planned on going to Hurricane Harbor this weekend, we had free tickets from my aunt and I certainly didn't want these to go to waste! Plus it would be a great way to end the last weekend of summer!  So Monday morning we were off!  I wish the weather would have been better, it was cloudy, temps in the low 70's and rain was coming in the afternoon-but we really did make the best of it.  We got there as they opened and headed straight to some of the slides!

After these, and I'm such a chicken shit that I was glad my kids didn't want to do more, we headed to the wave pool!  This was great!  The water was warm and it felt great except when you stood up and the breeze hit I stayed down, in the water!

After swimming for a while, we went to have lunch.  Along with the tickets, my aunt also gave me 2 meal tickets that she also had so it was great because we didn't have to spend so much on food, which is very pricey in these parks.  

So $40 later, we went back to the wave pool.  I do have a lot more pictures of our day, which you can see here, thanks to my shark pack!  This was the best $20 spent is my review.  Then the clouds rolled in, so we started walking out and as we walked out, it started to drizzle.

And just like that, our weekend was over :(  

Here I am today trying to get everything in order and knowing that the craziness of our lives during the school year begins today.  My son has been asked to be part of a sweet 15 birthday, so he has to attend rehearsals every Tuesday & Thursday evening....starting today.
Tomorrow is his 1st day of high school :( and my daughter's first day of dance school.  Here is where I thank God my hubby is home early because he will have to take our son to his baseball practice which will be around the same time as my daughter's dance school.
Then Thursday is my daughter's 1st day of school and my first day of realizing how easy/difficult its going to be getting my kids out of the house by 6:45am-leave my son in school before 7:30 am and get my daughter back here to her school before 8:15am....CRAZINESS!!!!  I may have to get help, but we'll see how I do on my own!
And so our school year, crazy schedule begins!

How was your Labor Day weekend?