Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wordless Wednesday~Disney Food & Drink

Time for another Wordless Wednesday-this week its Disney Food & Drink!

A must for us is breakfast at Cinderella's Royal Table!

Dinner at Chef Mickey's was awesome, this was our first time here but definitely not the much food to choose from :)

Dessert at the Aloha Spirit Show was really good....

Birthday cupcake surprise for my baby girl!

Stopping for a treat in the Italy pavilion, bellini for me & icecream for the kids!

and finally.....drinks during dinner at Shutters!!!!

Now I'm wishing I knew how to mix these drinks, would love to have one now....LOL!!

Thanks to Deb @ Focused on the Magic for hosting Wordless Wednesday blog hop!!

Focused on the Magic


  1. I love breakfast at Cinderella's Royal Table - hopefully my girls aren't getting too old to indulge me! :)

  2. Those are great pictures! If you figure out how to make those drinks, especially the multi colored one, send the recipe my way!

  3. Great pic, Love the Birthday cupcake ;-)

  4. Great pics! We love Disney drinks too. I've tried to recreate them at home and they're just never the same. Must be an extra sprinkling of pixie dust or something!

  5. Great shots, the multi-colored drink is really cool!

  6. Mmmm great shots! Love the birthday cupcake! Those drinks look so good. They really know how to mix a drink!!

  7. Look at the bright side...If you actually knew how to make those drinks, we'd all be hanging out at your house and you'd never be able to get rid of us!

  8. Those drinks look refreshing and those desserts at Aloha Spirit look delicious. We have yet to visit Chef Mickey's but it looks fun.

  9. Those drinks look delicious! I agree with you about Chef Mickey's, there is so much to choose from!

  10. I loved seeing all of your pictures!! I need to get to WDW.


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