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Wordless Wednesday~The Letter "F"

Fresh Food!

Fishy Friends!
Fun Crafts!
Fun in France
Fun by the Fountain!
Fantastic Fireworks!

Thanks to Debs @ Focused on the Magic for hosting!

Halloween Party to Recital...What a Weekend!!!

Saying this has been a busy weekend for me would be an understatement!  LOL, I'm used to being busy but this weekend I got very little sleep-I don't know how I got through Sunday.  So when I received the official message from the schools saying that they would be closed on Monday, I was jumping for joy!!!  Now, lets start in the beginning.....

Halloween is on Wednesday, so this weekend was our opportunity to party!!  Some friends were hosting a Halloween Party at a club, Columbus 72, so we got a babysitter(my sister-in-law; lol) and went to party.  It isn't often that we get a night out, very difficult to find babysitting now so a night out for just the two of us happens once, maybe twice a year.  Saturday began with groceries, last minute shopping for my daughter's recital, then dropping off the kids at my sister-in-law's house to spend the night.  Once we were back home, it was time to get ready.  We dressed up as Hawk Eye and Black Widow....fairly easy costumes.…

Third time's the Charm ~ I hope

Well, if you are a regular on my blog, you may have noticed my Disney trip countdown over on the right! It's been changed twice....YES-TWICE!!  Last year we planned on going the week right after Thanksgiving but between the death of a family member and financial woes, we had to postpone it.  We decided on going this year, again the week after Thanksgiving but this time our son is in his first year of high school and after much discussion we think it is not a good idea for him to miss a whole week of school.  If he were a straight A student, then maybe yes, but he struggles with his schoolwork and I know that if he is out for a week, it will take him forever to catch up-I can't let his grades suffer over a vacation.  Plus, we are still a bit tight on cash since I've been unemployed since June.  So, our third attempt at this vacation will be for Easter week!  This isn't ideal...we will be there in one of the busiest times of the year, prices are higher, parks will be cro…

Destination Disney ~ Quotes #7

Hi All!!  Today I'm back on Heidi's Destination Disney Meme~Quotes blog hop, and this week the focus is on:

"Don't think, and don't worry.  If the time comes, you'll know what to do." ~ Mrs. Incredible
Thinking about interpreting this quote brings me to thoughts of our current family issues.  After a death in the family & job loss, it seems a family is falling apart.  I sometimes feel like telling my husband to give up, not fight for what's his and just pack up and start all over in another state, away from everyone.....but that's not the answer.  I continue to stay strong and supportive of my husband.  I try to encourage him to go on & fight & defend what is rightfully his.  I continue to look for a good, well-paying job while also exploring new career options that won't take long to learn and have great income potential.  We continue to move forward & not take anything away from our kids....they still play baseball, go to priv…

Wordless Wednesday~Disney in Our Lives

This week's blog hop hosted by Deb at Focused on the Magic is all about Disney Attire!  Enjoy!

My Cinderella

My Sleeping Beauty

My Snow White :)

and here she is fast asleep wearing her I (heart Mickey) NY t-shirt from the Disney store
Hop on over to Focused on the Magic for more Wordless Wednesday Disney Attire!

Menu Plan Monday-Cleaning House!

Aaahhh, 9:30 pm and I'm finally sitting down in front of my laptop(er, no my son's laptop since mine crashed & burned, LOL)to get this post up!  Today was a good day, my son was chosen as an ambassador for his school, so he made a field trip with his school's rep to visit his old grammar school and talk about why his High School is so great!  Not only did he earn 2 hours of community service for this, but I didn't have to drive 30 minutes away to pick him, no, he walked home today...yay!!  This gave me plenty of time to clean out my closet.  I've been wanting to put away all of our summer clothes, take out our winter clothes and separate any clothes that does not fit to donate! Everything was accomplished...yay me!!! Now I need to find a safe spot to put away all of the plastic bins with our summer clothes :/ Anyway, I"m just glad to have finally gotten that out of the way, now I'm hoping to get our laundry done either tomorrow or Wednesday. …

Time for 5 Question Friday!

I haven't been a part of this in a while, but since I do have some time this morning I decided to join in!

1. Where do you hide junk when people come over?
 I throw everything into our walk-in closet, to the point where you cannot walk in anymore! Then it takes me almost an entire day to clean it out!

2. Do political ads help you decide who you are going to vote for?
  Absolutely not! I'll watch debates and read up on candidates but I ignore all the political ads.

3. What's your favorite holiday party to host?
  Thanksgiving and Christmas!! I love these holidays and I love cooking, so I really enjoy staying home and having others come over!

4. You go to an island with your husband and can only take one personal item. What is it?
  Hmmm.....just 1 personal item, that's tough but it would have to be soap!  I need to stay clean & smelling good....LOL!

5. If you found out your spouse was a Dexter style serial killer (only kills people to save others) would you rat?
This is t…

Destination Disney ~ Quotes #5

Check out more Destination Disney Quotes at What's Going on in Heidi's Head!

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Destination Disney ~ Quotes #6

Check out more Destination Disney Quotes at What's Going on in Heidi's Head!

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Wordless Wednesday~Disney Storytelling

Story time at the Disney Store :)

Checking out the book at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall!
Thanks to Deb at Focused on the Magic for hosting!

Some Pumpkin Fun!!!

After coming home with all of our great pumpkins, it was time to do something with them!  We carve them in typical Jack'O'Lantern form every year, but this year I found this kit at Walmart and thought it would be fun to try.  At first I thought it was all stickers and no carving involved, this is really why I bought it....yes, I'm horrible, I was trying to get away from the mess of carving pumpkins!  Well, guess the joke was on me because when I opened it up and read the instructions there was carving involved :/

I couldn't enlarge the enclosed template on my printer, so I did the best I could at drawing the designs myself. LOL, I never said I was an artist!

This is her pumpkin project so she finally came over to paint-although I finished it :/

And here is the finished product :)  It wasn't as easy as I thought, but it was fun & best of all, my baby girl LOVES it!!!