Busy Monday!

Wow....I finally got a chance to sit down and write this post!  My kids were off from school today, so they've been home with me and as a result, I've had to do things with them that have kept me away from the computer!  Atleast they had a great day & hopefully they are ready to go back to school tomorrow morning :)

Our weekend went well.  My son's friend, since Kindergarten, was celebrating her Sweet 15 and had asked him to be part of her court.  Now, in case you are not familiar with the Sweet 15 or Quinceanera, this is a celebration for a girl becoming a woman.  The birthday girl wears a beautiful, princess-like dress and sometimes they have a court, some don't, and there is a father-daughter dance and she is introduced into society.  There are many variations, every family and/or culture celebrates differently but it all symbolizes the same, a little girl becoming a woman.  I celebrated my Sweet 15 and I had just started dating my husband, so he was my partner.  I didn't have a court of friends, they were all my little cousins....it was cute and simple.  Nowadays, a Sweet 15 can be as extravagant as a wedding.....its amazing!

Here I am with my hubby-we were so young..LOL
Below I'm dancing with my Godfather (my dad could not make it being that my parents are divorced and cannot be in the same room together, oh well...I'm over it)

Both top & bottom are dances I shared with my 2 grandfathers!! Love them both so much!

Here is my court.....very small, LOL, my cousins & sister!

Now here is the Sweet 15 that my son was a part of, everything was beautiful and the birthday girl looked like a princess!

Doesn't my son look handsome? LOL!

Here he is with his dance partner!

It was a great party, and we stayed to the very end which is rare for us!  The next morning we all woke up starving, and hadn't done the groceries so there was nothing to eat.  So, we went to The Pointe Diner, which we haven't been to in months!!

 These were mine....Cheese Blintzes....didn't like them at all, very bland-thank God for the pancake syrup!

My son's French toast!

My hubby's was the breakfast special with bacon, ham, sausage, 2 eggs and home fries!

 and this ladies & gentlemen is supposed to be a Mickey....LOL!! My daughter ordered this(Mickey pancake) and it was so big that she couldn't even eat half!

After breakfast it was time to get the groceries done and then back home to bum out at the house!  I kept watch on updates for the Steelers game since I couldn't see it where we live, then watched Jeff Dunham's : Minding the Monsters (very funny), then finally after a rain delay, it was time for the 1st Yankee game of the ALDS vs. the Orioles......LET'S GO YANKEES!!!!

Ok....now for my menu plan so my family can eat this week--hehehehe! I'm keeping it very simple this week.

Monday: Red beans w/rice & pork chops
Tuesday: Ziti w/ground beef
Wednesday: Ham w/pineapples and mashed potato
Thursday: Chicken & rice w/black beans
Friday: Mac & Cheese w/broccoli

I hope to pick out some new recipes for next week!  What are you cooking up?  Check out I'm an Organizing Junkie for more recipe ideas!


  1. Sounds like a big weekend at your house! Your menu looks delicious - especially the pork chops!

  2. I bet you were ready to relax after that busy weekend! I like to keep my menus simple as much as I can.


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