Destination Disney ~ Quotes #7

Hi All!!  Today I'm back on Heidi's Destination Disney Meme~Quotes blog hop, and this week the focus is on:

"Don't think, and don't worry.  If the time comes, you'll know what to do." ~ Mrs. Incredible

Thinking about interpreting this quote brings me to thoughts of our current family issues.  After a death in the family & job loss, it seems a family is falling apart.  I sometimes feel like telling my husband to give up, not fight for what's his and just pack up and start all over in another state, away from everyone.....but that's not the answer.  I continue to stay strong and supportive of my husband.  I try to encourage him to go on & fight & defend what is rightfully his.  I continue to look for a good, well-paying job while also exploring new career options that won't take long to learn and have great income potential.  We continue to move forward & not take anything away from our kids....they still play baseball, go to private schools, dance & practice gymnastics! We will still try to plan vacations, and attempt to save any money that we can while also eliminating any lingering debt.  I strongly believe in my faith, and I believe everything happens for a reason!  As hard as my job loss may be, as difficult as the death of a family member has been on an entire family.....we have to believe that it is all for a reason and something better is on the horizon.  
Keep moving forward, we will find a better way!


  1. What an absolutely wonderful interpretation of today's quote. God tells us not to worry about tomorrow - and it sounds like that's exactly the stance you are taking. Good for you!


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