Some Pumpkin Fun!!!

After coming home with all of our great pumpkins, it was time to do something with them!  We carve them in typical Jack'O'Lantern form every year, but this year I found this kit at Walmart and thought it would be fun to try.  At first I thought it was all stickers and no carving involved, this is really why I bought it....yes, I'm horrible, I was trying to get away from the mess of carving pumpkins!  Well, guess the joke was on me because when I opened it up and read the instructions there was carving involved :/

I couldn't enlarge the enclosed template on my printer, so I did the best I could at drawing the designs myself. LOL, I never said I was an artist!

This is her pumpkin project so she finally came over to paint-although I finished it :/

And here is the finished product :)  It wasn't as easy as I thought, but it was fun & best of all, my baby girl LOVES it!!!