Wordless Wednesday~Your Calendar Shot for October

Hi there!!! Another Wordless Wednesday, this one welcoming October......Your Calendar Shot for October!

I've never been to Disney during the Fall months. I will be planning a Fall trip someday because I love how Disney decorates for Halloween, and after reading so much about the special events during this time, I think my kids will love it!!

My calendar shot for October is a random picture I shot of my kids in Animal Kingdom!  Seeing their faces helps cheer me up! Knowing that we are in October is a bit depressing for me being that I know we are closer to beginning the depressing months of Winter.  LOL, I don't like winter in Jersey.....there is nothing to do!

Thanks to Deb @ Focused on the Magic for hosting this blog hop!! You should stop on over to see more wonderful October calendar shots!!

Focused on the Magic


  1. What a wonderful photo of your kids, miss ours being that small. Disney Gal Judy

  2. Aww sounds like you need to make a trip to Disney during those "depressing" months :) Great shot!

  3. Very sweet picture if them, I just Moved from NY2FL to get away from the depressing winters which seem to come to fast after summer. lol

  4. Lovely picture of your cute kids. I haven't seen Disney during Halloween in person either and think it would be great to see the decorations.


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