Busy, busy, busy....

I can't believe that I've ignored my blog for over a week now....wow!!! I just haven't had much time to sit here and write! So, here is a recap of my past week.....My birthday was last Monday and my hubby had the day off, so after dropping the kids at school, we took a ride to the Woodbury Outlets in NY and he bought my a Michael Kors bag....I've been dying to get one so you can imagine how ecstatic I was!! As soon as I got in the car, I switched everything over to my new MK bag and I'm still using it :D

Later that night, when the kids were home, my daughter wanted to bake me a cake so with my supervision, she did! LOL, it was cute....she loves singing Happy Birthday and will use any excuse to bake! The following week was our typical week, minus baseball....that's pretty much over for the moment.  We also added a new activity to our Sunday mornings...ice skating for my daughter!! I thought it would be great, she would definitely fall but so would other kids, so she wouldn't feel bad.  Boy was I wrong!!  After her 30 minutes of instruction, she came out in tears.  She cried for the next 20 minutes saying that she didn't want to go back!  Finally, after lots of back & forth between her and me and hubby, she said that she would go back...Hooray!! After lunch, we headed to Sports Authority to buy her a pair of ice skates, this way she would have her own and be more comfortable! Later that night, I tried to get her to watch some ice skating on tv, and I told her to watch so she can see that it is fun (hoping to add some excitement & really make her want to go back) but her response was "I know its fun!" :/  So what's the problem? I'm just hoping the next session goes better.

Now we are back to Monday, and even though this is a short week, its no less hectic.  My daughter's dance classes have been moved to Monday and Wednesday, since the school is closed Thursday and Friday.  Tomorrow we have gymnastics, and I have a turkey to season, so I can pop it in the oven early Thursday morning!  Fortunately, we have decided to spend Thanksgiving at my sister-in-laws house, so I don't have to cook everything.  I'm just taking the turkey, honey-glazed carrots, dessert and wine!

I was remembering past Thanksgivings and I can't seem to find too many pictures, not sure why.  But I did find pics from 2004 up until last year and I've put them into a little movie for you all to enjoy!