As Quickly as it Came, Now it's Gone!!

The day after Christmas is bittersweet for me.  Its a great day to relax, all the stress is gone but now comes the realization that its over :(  My favorite holiday which really came too quickly, at least for me, is now over!  My tree will be up until January 6th but its not the same.  All the gifts have been opened and I'm already looking to put away some of the decor that is around the house.  Depressing.  Now to face several months of very cold & dark winter.

This year's Christmas wasn't crazy and since I'm unemployed, we really had to strap ourselves down so we didn't spend our usual amount on gifts, but I am very happy to say that my kids didn't miss a thing!  They were both very happy with everything they got & didn't ask about things they didn't get!! I was shocked to read about kids going on twitter to complain about their Christmas gifts, which all sounded like great gifts!  Thank God my kids are very grateful for everything they get, my son doesn't believe in Santa anymore so he knows how hard its been for us to come up with the extra money for gift shopping.  He was ecstatic with everything he was only a few things but he knows they were a bit expensive.  My daughter is a bit harder to get around, because she does believe in Santa so mommy & daddy's financial problems shouldn't affect Christmas because Santa brings everything...LOL, I was so stressed.  But, again, I am ecstatic to say that both my kids were wonderful and didn't look for more, plus were very happy with their gifts!

Here are some pics from the past couple of days:

 Christmas Concert @ Church
 The Christmas baking begins the day before Christmas Eve
 Pumpkin Flan
 Red Velvet Cake.....waiting for it to cool before frosting it
 Merengue for merengue cookies
 My daughter had a blast decorating the red velvet cake..we tried, not the best but it was good!

Christmas Eve!! 
 Our dinner-Pernil (roasted pork shoulder), black beans, white rice & yucca
 Awesome family picture.....
 .....and then what happens when I leave the room! LOL!
 Our tradition is to give the kids our gift to them, and they exchange gifts with each other, so here they are opening up our gifts to them

 Now they are working on each other's gifts

 Christmas morning!!!!!  I know it looks like a lot, but I usually do a lot more. Yes I do go overboard during Christmas since I really don't let them buy any toys during the year. So this year was less than usual, but they didn't really notice or didn't mention was all smiles, excitement & laughter!

 Even our pets got a little something....

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your families!!!  Best way to spend the holidays is definitely with your loved ones!!!

How was your Christmas?  Ready for New Year's Eve?