Christmas Eve Prep...

I am exhausted!!! For the past 2 days I've been cleaning and baking and prepping for our Christmas Eve meal or Noche Buena as we Cubans call it!  This is a day of family and eating and we usually spend it with other members of our family, but this year its just us! Our little family-my hubby and kids.  Now just because its only us four it doesn't mean we are skimping on the food!  I'm going to have food for the next day or two and for any guests that stop in on Christmas day!  Our meal is the traditional Roast Pork (pernil) with black beans and rice and yucca on the side.  Then for dessert we have cheesecake for my hubby & son, red velvet cake made by my daughter for anyone who wants a bite, pumpkin flan for me and lots of cookies and merengue cookies to last through the week!

The baking started yesterday, and today I seasoned the pork and I just put the black beans in water to soak them overnight!  I'm finished in the kitchen for tonight....Thank God!!!  Now I'm going to catch up on emails, watch 1 or 2 Christmas movies with baby girl and hopefully get in a Christmas story before bedtime.  I also need to come up with a good good-bye from Ken, our elf on the shelf.  His last night will be tomorrow since he will be going back to the North Pole with Santa :(  Kat is going to miss him, she wakes up every morning to see where he landed, but that all ends tomorrow.  In the next few days I will be posting some pictures from Ken and our Christmas Eve prep!

So, now I'm off....hope you all are getting ready for tomorrow!  Have a wonderful Christmas!!!