Craziness in my life!

2 weeks without a single post! Wow, that's terrible!!! LOL, I just cannot find the time these days-between taking kids to school, hubby was on vacation for a week, job-hunting, cooking and stressing out about the lack of money, I just haven't had the time to sit here and write.  I'm going to try now since I have been preparing for Christmas and it really is my favorite time of year.  I put up my tree a few weeks ago and with the tree going up, our Elf on the Shelf-Ken-came back!  Let me tell you that its been a challenge finding a new and creative spot for him every night, and I still have until January 6th!  Reading other people's posts has really given me some ideas and inspiration but its not easy.  I'm even ashamed to admit, but more than once we've woken up to Ken being in the same spot as the day before, oops.....I forgot to move him!

After Christmas I will be putting together a collage of "Ken" pictures for all you to see the many places he's landed this year, hehehe, I can't wait.

For now, I'm just trying to get through each day and finish up my Christmas shopping.  Trying not to think about the fact that my unemployment will be cut-off at the end of the month and that I've applied to hundreds of jobs and nothing!  I need to start working January 2nd to bring in money, we really cannot afford to live on one income, as much as I would love that its just not possible for us.  So, I look to my kids, hubby and all the pretty Christmas decorations and music to keep me going.
Things have to get better.....there is a reason everything happens, right?