Monday-back to menu planning

Well it's Tuesday(I should've wrote this yesterday) & I'm trying to bring some consistency back into our lives. Not sure when or how it happened,but m menu planning & organized schedules went out the window weeks ago! I really haven't been in the right state of mind to sit down & plan our days, but I really need to. Every night it's the same question, what's for dinner? I find myself repeating a lot of our meals and it really gets boring.
I've also strayed from my diet, surprise, surprise. So I am back on today, so my meal planning is really for my family as I'm done with trying to come up with "diet foods" that I can eat. I'm sticking with Smart One's & Lean Cuisine frozen meals until I lose at least 15 lbs! I can't really think of any other way for me, so my cooking is just for hubby & kids! 

Monday: grilled chicken with mashed potatoes
Tuesday: shrimp with rice
Wednesday: pasta with ground beef
Thursday: BBQ chicken with baked potato
Friday: rice with eggs

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I keep the weekends free, these are usually take-out days or whatever I find I the fridge will be cooked :)

It's will be tough for me, especially when I make my fave foods(pasta) but I have to be strong!

Do you find it difficult to diet when you have to cook non-diet food for your family?