Back to the Drawing Board!!!

Ugh, I have started so many things over that it feels like I'll never finish anything.....but I will, I just know it!!

First-diet!! That dreadful word-DIET-I hate it, but since I'm starting over I'm also taking a different approach.  First, I am watching my calorie & carb intake, plus I'm open to trying new foods this year.  There are so many recipes out there that are delicious but also healthy and low in calories.  Watching The Chew on ABC has been one of the many shows that has inspired me to cook new meals.  I've also gone back to look through my collection of cookbooks.  Instead of picking out things I would eat, I'm just trying a new recipe once a week.  So far I've like what I've made and so has the family so those are keepers :)

I'm also starting over on my running.  I have not even looked at my treadmill in over 2 months and its shocking how awful I feel when I get back on.  Everything is sore!!  I am determined to start! Since its Friday, I have my walk scheduled to begin on Monday.  The plan is to turn my "walk" into a "jog" and eventually run!

And finally, the one I'm most heartbroken about....Disney vacation :( Yes, I'm starting my Disney vacation planning again.  The April trip I wrote about in my Third Times a Charm~I Hope post has to be cancelled.  My son has a very unpredictable schedule & I've been informed by a friend, who shall not be named (you know who you are, LOL) that baseball will have started that week! Therefore, my son cannot go anywhere and I'm not going on a family vacation without him! So now, I think we are doing a group of friends Disney trip in December-New Year's Eve week!  So at this point, I'm taking this December vacation until further notice!

Keeping my fingers crossed & hoping for the best in this new year!!!