Losing.....in a good way :)

So its been about 2 weeks that I've begun watching what I eat and counting calories and so far I've lost 4 pounds.  I'm so happy, I'm actually seeing results!!  I've been using 2 apps to help me keep track of everything I eat.  The first one is Lose It! and the other is My Fitness Pal.....I have both on my Ipad.  I've had both for a while but in the last 2 weeks I've been really good about logging everything in.  I think this is what has helped me stay on track.
I know its only been 2 weeks but I'm so happy to see some weight come off.  The walking on the treadmill has also begun and I'm hoping to be running again real soon.  The soreness is terrible right now, but its nothing that will stop me.  Even my hubby is losing weight so all is good right now.
We decided to take a small break off the diet today, so we went to eat dinner at Chili's.  All I had was breakfast so my dinner was actually lunch and dinner(not good, I know).  I ordered the Bacon Ranch Quesadillas with a side of Mashed Potatoes with gravy.  Normally I would've eaten everything but today I just couldn't.  I was stuffed with only 1/2 of the quesadilla order and 1/2 the mashed potato.  My calorie count was still over but it wasn't as bad as it would have been had I eaten everything.
Tomorrow will be a bit of a challenge since we have a birthday lunch to attend, so my plan right now is to keep my breakfast very low calorie, and hope there is something healthy at this restaurant.  Guess I will find out tomorrow!
The weight loss continues.....