Resolutions.....Not for Me!!

We are over a week into the new year and I keep hearing and reading all about resolutions.  Well, I have decided that I'm not going to make any.  Nope!  Why should I?  I'll probably just break within a month, or sooner.  What I am going to do is continue on my weight loss journey, job search and trying to organize my life!  I feel that making resolutions will just set you up for failure.  I remember when I had a gym membership, the month of January was the worst!  Then February rolls around and all of a sudden the hundreds of people you got used to seeing are gone!  It's crazy!!

So now with my continuation of my goals.....first weight loss.  Both my hubby and I are back on the dieting.  This is our third day and this is the day where I usually break my diet-especially when I'm on low carb.  I feel weak and tired, must be from the reduced carb intake, but since I am not working, I'm able to take an afternoon break.  I'm really hoping to stick this out for the full two weeks, hope to lose about 10 lbs, and then gradually add healthy carbs back to my diet.  My goal is to lose 50 lbs this year.  When you first go on these low carb diets, you tend to lose a lot the first 2 weeks, so I'm hoping for the max of 10 lbs.  By the end of the first week, I'm hoping to have a bit more energy so exercising won't feel like such a chore.  I plan on walking today, unfortunately I need to start from scratch-AGAIN!  Everytime I think about how I used to run 2 miles in 30 minutes and now I'll be lucky if I can do 15 minutes, I get really upset with myself.  The worst thing I've ever done is not fit in a run daily.....I let the laziness take over! Bad, bad, bad!!!  So today the plan is to just walk for as long as I can.  I'm tired just thinking about it...LOL!

Next on my list of goals is better organization.  This I hope to perfect before I find a full-time job.  We have so much going on and I'm the only one who keeps a schedule-which is usually on my phone or ipad.  When I return to work, my hubby needs to know whats going on and I can't rely on my remembering to tell him.  So, that's where this idea came from:

I was at Walmart and since I love office supplies, I strolled down that isle and found these Quartet boards.  There were many to choose from, but I liked the black one with the blank calendar and the pink board has a spit on the side to pin notes.  Plus they are both magnetic, so besides being able to write on them, I can also use magnets to hold more notes or letters on it if I needed to.  I already filled in all of January's activities and appts on the calendar, and on top I have put 2 dates that we need to remember not to make plans on.  I placed these in my kitchen where everyone will see them, so no more excuses about not knowing they had something to do.  I'm hoping it works as well as I'm imagining it will work.

I also found out about this app for Ipad - Motivated Moms 2013.  So far its been great!  Its a daily checklist of things you should do daily, and everyday you have some additional things to do around the house.  You can customize it, and it definitely has helped me with cleaning my house.  I used to overwhelm myself by trying to clean the entire house once a week.....yeah! That NEVER happened and I'd go to bed feeling like a train wreck!  Now all of my tasks are broken down throughout the week.  Yesterday I cleaned bathroom mirrors, dust and today I have to work on my closet, clean kids' rooms,  plus all the daily tasks like feeding pets, sweeping kitchen, cleaning out my sink and much more.  It feels like I'm able to do more, keep my home looking cleaner and neater without being totally exhausted by the end of the night.

So I've taken care of weight loss and organization, now for the job search.  I'm still looking!  I apply to different job openings daily, went on 1 interview earlier this week but nothing yet!  It'll come, maybe what I've applied for and interviewed for have not been what was intended for me.....the right opportunity will come!  I have to remind myself everyday to keep the Faith....everything will work out!!

How has your year been so far?