A Blizzard is Coming!!!

Aaaah…Thursday, so close to Friday-finally!!!  Only problem now is that we may be in for some bad weather.  A blizzard!!  I actually haven’t stopped to listen or read any weather reports.  I mostly have my info from passing by a TV which is tuned to the weather channel, or people talking about it.  We are supposed to be getting a couple inches of snow, although I’m not entirely sure when to expect it.  Some have said that it will begin Friday night and continue into Saturday morning, while others are saying that it is starting Friday morning!  Eeeek!!! Now I’m really wishing I was still unemployed!  Am I really going to be expected to come in to work?  Actually, I need to come in even if it’s for a little while-tomorrow is payday and I’m still not enrolled in direct deposit, which means I need the actual check.  Ugh, this is so aggravating!! I really need to get enrolled in direct deposit…..life is so much easier.  I would’ve been able to call in if there was snow on the ground, LOL! Now I may have to drive in here no matter what!  I just hope if it starts getting bad, that they let us leave early.  This is life in Jersey.  I guess I shouldn’t really complain.  We get it easy.  I know other states get a lot more snow than we do, and they get it more often, but still.  I need to complain about it! I don’t like going out in the snow-it should be a mandatory day off from work and school!  
LOL, actually come to think of it-my kids won’t be finished with school until July if we keep it up with the snow days!  We’ve had quite a few this year.
I also should take a ride to the supermarket tonight to buy some meat and chicken to have for dinner.  We will be out as of tonight, but the thought of dealing with all these people panicking about the storm has me thinking we can survive on plain pasta!  Each and every time the meteorologists talk about a storm approaching, people go insane doing groceries.  The checkout lines are a mile long, and after working for 9 hours, I really am not in the mood for that! 
I did want to take a ride to Wal-Mart though.  I’m in desperate need for a new laptop! Our laptop crashed & just died months ago, my desktop is 7 years old and takes forever to load a web page-so blogging or doing anything online  is just awful, and I’ve been using my son’s laptop but that is another one that keeps crashing and sometimes is very slow online.  Any day now it is going to crash & be done!!! I hope not, because he needs it to write reports, he really doesn’t do much else on it so I need it to last a little bit longer.  Next September I may have to buy him an Ipad for school(may be mandatory at school by then), plus I would like to buy him a new and better laptop next Christmas so I just need his current one to last another year.  This is why I’m in DESPERATE need to get a new laptop for myself….I need to stop using his! My biggest problem is my budget-only $300, so it’s been tough finding a good computer that I’d like.  Hubby and I kept going back and forth on whether to buy a desktop or laptop, but ultimately I think we both agree that a laptop would be better.  Somewhere down the line I would like to buy a nice desktop, preferably a Mac, so I can work on all my scrapbooking projects and photo/video projects.  For now, I think an affordable laptop will do the job…..I just have to be careful not to kill it!