So it’s finally Friday!! Time to relax-well not yet but I will definitely be relaxing by tomorrow.  Tonight we have a b-day/Mardi Gras  party to attend, I will have pics posted this weekend, and fortunately it is a local place so the weather won’t be a big deal.  A blizzard has decided to strike today, it was raining for most of the day but by 2 it was ice and then the snow.  As I drove home it was snowing and now it's a winter wonderland out there.  
We should be done by midnight, who knows how long I can last since I’m exhausted today!  I did get an extra hour of sleep, thanks to my kids’ schools being closed due to the blizzard!  The extra hour of sleep really didn’t help since I went to bed late last night.  I got my new laptop and of course I had to set it up as soon as I got home, which was after 8pm. 
I got some basic things downloaded-Google Chrome, iTunes-but I still have more to add to it.  I bought Office 365, but for some reason it won’t install….I will have to work on that when I have more time.  Maybe I should get my money back for that and get Office 2010 instead, not sure yet! 
I am excited though and I can’t wait to really use it! Finally, internet that will move—LOL!
I do have an issue with my new ‘Buddy’-that’s his name, LOL-  Windows 8.  I’m not excited with it and it’s a little frustrating since I really don’t know how to use it.  I liked just having a desktop, but now you start up and its all these windows or apps-whatever they are!  It is nice that you get instant access to what you need- like if I just want to check emails, I don’t have to open a web browser – I just click the ‘mail’ app and I got it!  I guess I just have to give myself time to familiarize myself with it and then maybe I will know whether I love it or not!

Do any of you work on Windows 8 or Office 365? I’d like to hear your thoughts. 

Have a great weekend!!