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Where is the time going?????

Wow....Thursday already! I missed my Monday menu planning post, missed my Wordless Wednesday post-thought of putting it up today but decided against it!  There's always next Wednesday :)  My days are flying and its leaving me little time to do all of my online stuff & tv time :(

I finally started working about 2 months ago, so this, obviously, takes up most of my day.  My mornings haven't changed much-still out of the house by 6:30am, take my son to school first, then my daughter except that now I continue to work instead of going home.  Hubby was picking up both kids from school, but since baseball season has begun and my son made the high school baseball team, he only picks up our daughter.  Our son now practices every day so he has to stay in school until 5-5:30.  So, I leave work between 5 & 5:30, head up to his school then head home.  By the time we get home its 7!! So depressing.  I only have time to eat, maybe jog on the treadmill, shower & go to bed!  Its a…

Baseball Season Is Here & Some Meal Planning!!

Well, I can finally say it….my son is a Paladin Baseball Player! Yay!!! It is officially baseball season and I am super excited about this year!  All of the nerves and stress are gone….he made it! We spent 5 days worrying about how he’d do, will he make it, and so on and so forth.   It all began Friday night-we didn’t go pick him up until 9pm when he was finished.  Then Saturday morning we were up at 7 to be at the school by 8am-another full day of try outs.  There were time slots for every position-pitcher/catchers; infield; outfield; and hitting.  Hitting was mandatory for all, but then each player would go try out at their positions, my son went out for pitcher (ofcourse), infield and outfield.  This meant that we would be at PC all day Saturday and Sunday-even though at first we thought we’d have a few hours off on Sunday, the coaches wanted to see some of the boys again so we only had a 30 minute break!  Saturday wasn’t too bad for us.  We dropped Chris off at school and we cont…

Wordless Wednesday~March Calendar Shot!

It's March!! Where is the time going?  I am glad though, Spring is closer and closer.  My March calendar shot has to get me excited about Spring so here it is:

Now when you think of Spring, you typically think of flowers but I think of the melting in Jersey is nice because we experience all four seasons but I'm sick of winter already.  Actually, I've been sick of winter since December :/ So, I love this shot because it was at Blizzard Beach on a very hot day and even though there is a lot of 'snow & ice' all over-it looks like it's melting so it makes me happy!!!  I don't want to see more snow, I want to see melting snow and the sun shining bright!!! I'm ready for Spring!!  How about you?
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