Thursday, March 21, 2013

Where is the time going?????

Wow....Thursday already! I missed my Monday menu planning post, missed my Wordless Wednesday post-thought of putting it up today but decided against it!  There's always next Wednesday :)  My days are flying and its leaving me little time to do all of my online stuff & tv time :(

I finally started working about 2 months ago, so this, obviously, takes up most of my day.  My mornings haven't changed much-still out of the house by 6:30am, take my son to school first, then my daughter except that now I continue to work instead of going home.  Hubby was picking up both kids from school, but since baseball season has begun and my son made the high school baseball team, he only picks up our daughter.  Our son now practices every day so he has to stay in school until 5-5:30.  So, I leave work between 5 & 5:30, head up to his school then head home.  By the time we get home its 7!! So depressing.  I only have time to eat, maybe jog on the treadmill, shower & go to bed!  Its awful!! No choice though, the bills have to get paid!!!

So yes-I am super excited that my son made the HS team(you can read about it here)--YAY!! He finally got his jersey and he got now I really can't wait until the games begin.  He's also playing for The Rakers travel team, altough I'd be lying if I didn't say I wasn't worried about conflicts and no time!  I think I have no time now, oh boy--I'll be dying by next month.  Anywho - he will be playing in his first tournament of the season with The Rakers this weekend!! I am excited to see him out on the field again....its way better than seeing him lose brain cells while playing Xbox-LOL!  Hopefully I'll remember to take pictures - if I do I'll post them next week!
My daughter is busy too.  For the first time since she's been attending her dance academy she's going to have a Spring Dance show!! She is so happy about this and the competitions.  I have no idea how all this will fall into place, but I know it always does!!

How are you all welcoming Spring?  Busy with kids' activities too?

Monday, March 11, 2013

Baseball Season Is Here & Some Meal Planning!!

Well, I can finally say it….my son is a Paladin Baseball Player! Yay!!! It is officially baseball season and I am super excited about this year!  All of the nerves and stress are gone….he made it!
We spent 5 days worrying about how he’d do, will he make it, and so on and so forth.  
It all began Friday night-we didn’t go pick him up until 9pm when he was finished.  Then Saturday morning we were up at 7 to be at the school by 8am-another full day of try outs.  There were time slots for every position-pitcher/catchers; infield; outfield; and hitting.  Hitting was mandatory for all, but then each player would go try out at their positions, my son went out for pitcher (ofcourse), infield and outfield.  This meant that we would be at PC all day Saturday and Sunday-even though at first we thought we’d have a few hours off on Sunday, the coaches wanted to see some of the boys again so we only had a 30 minute break!  Saturday wasn’t too bad for us.  We dropped Chris off at school and we continued on our way up to Woodbury Commons.  Even though I’m broke, I still love going up to these outlets and walk around.  Lots of window shopping, although I can’t complain as my wonderful hubby bought me 2 shirts at lululemon.  Yay for me!!  We also bought a little something at the Disney Store-this is tradition. We never miss stopping at this store and buying at least a shirt….LOL! 
After this, we headed back to pick up Chris.  We went back home to have lunch and a bit later, returned to PC.  The next morning was similar-dropped him off at a different facility, we headed to the Ice House for Kat’s skating lessons, then we went back up to pick Chris up thinking we’d have time to go home & eat.  His coach wanted everyone back at the school for more outfield work, so we stopped at Wendy’s for lunch and went back to the school.  Now we were really stuck….nothing to do and we weren’t sure if he’d have free time so we hung out there.  We went for a walk in the woods, I jogged for a bit, we saw some deer and I took a few pictures with my phone.  Eventually we went back to the car and watched movies on my ipad.  Later that night he came out with a huge smile on his face! He made it through the first round of cuts!
The next 2 days they stayed after school for more practice and on Tuesday the final cuts were made.  He’s on the team!! Finally he was 100% relieved and ecstatic to be on.  Of course, this means a lot of hard work on his part.  He needs to keep a passing grade, work out and practice every day and make sure he is on time to all practices!  So far so good-its only been a week J LOL
Him being on this team also means that we need to help out where we can, so we are attending a pasta fundraising dinner this Friday-should be fun!  I just wish I could make it to all of the games-since I’m working full time now, I’ll miss almost all of his games.  This is very depressing, since I’ve never missed his games-but I guess this is the way it has to be!  Hubby should make it to more games than me, so I’ll make sure he takes the video camera!!

Now I usually post my Monday menu plan here, but with our crazy schedules now and our dieting-I haven’t been planning meals!  I am going to attempt it though:

Tonight I plan on making beef tacos for the kids while hubby and I have 2% milk with cereal.
Tuesday: Mac N Cheese
Wednesday: Grilled pork chops with rice
Thursday: Chicken wraps
Friday: Chicken Fricasse with rice
I’ll leave the weekend open since we usually order take out, and we owe our boy a dinner out.  He wants to go to Tokyo Hibachi, so we may stop in there during the weekend!

Want more menu ideas-head on over to I'm an Organizing Junkie!

That’s all for now-how are your menu plans?  Do your kids’ activities make it difficult to plan meals?

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Wordless Wednesday~March Calendar Shot!

It's March!! Where is the time going?  I am glad though, Spring is closer and closer.  My March calendar shot has to get me excited about Spring so here it is:

Now when you think of Spring, you typically think of flowers but I think of the melting in Jersey is nice because we experience all four seasons but I'm sick of winter already.  Actually, I've been sick of winter since December :/ So, I love this shot because it was at Blizzard Beach on a very hot day and even though there is a lot of 'snow & ice' all over-it looks like it's melting so it makes me happy!!!  I don't want to see more snow, I want to see melting snow and the sun shining bright!!! I'm ready for Spring!!  How about you?

For more March calendar shots, stop by at Focused on the Magic!!

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