Monday-lots of Planning & New Challenge

Good morning everyone!! Hope you all had a great wekend.  Ours wasn't too bad.  My daughter performed in her dance school's first Spring concert, so it was busy but fun all at the same time.  I will write about that in another post.
Today is Monday and I would try to have a menu plan for the week, but I don't.  With everything we've had to do this weekend, I didn't have time to even think about it.  When I was on the laptop, I was trying to blog hop for the Ultimate Blog Party.  I love participating in this since its a great way to meet new people and discover great blogs!  While I was looking around, I remembered that I wanted to join Cook, Clean, Craft's Great 2013 Cookbook Challenge.  I'm a bit late in joining....but better late than never, right!

I love looking up recipes and buying cookbooks, but I tend to flip through them and put them away and forget about them.  The result?  A pile of books and papers taking up space and collecting dirt.

Here is my stack of books:

This doesn't include another stack of food magazines that I need to dig out of the closet!  Here is the challenge as stated on Cook, Clean, Crafts : Must cook at least 3 recipes from them and like the  meals. The deadline for this challenge is the end of the its time to get cooking!!!