Our Tooth Fairy is Losing Her Mind!!!

Yes, our tooth fairy (me) is nuts and she’s losing her mind!! I mean, really, who forgets that their child has lost a tooth and is expecting to wake up to a surprise from the tooth fairy?  Well, it seems that I’m that person. 

My daughter lost her tooth Monday while in school and she put her tooth in a zip lock back-stapled it up & everything, and was super excited.  She placed it under her pillow pet, which she sleeps on, and went to bed.  So you can imagine the disappointment when she woke up the next morning to only see that her tooth was still there & no money!  My poor baby-I felt horrible, but blamed it on the fact that she sleeps with 3 pillows and had placed it under the top pillow-which is her pillow pet!  I told her she had to place it under the bottom pillow-so she bought the story & agreed!

Now it’s Tuesday night!  After an incident with our cat and her crying – I felt bad so I let her sleep with me.  She brings the tooth and places it under my pillow-I go right to bed with her.  This morning I get up, go about my business getting ready for work and after 30 minutes I go wake her up.  Oh boy!! All I hear from my room is “Dang it!!! The tooth fairy didn’t come! L What in the world is wrong with me-I’m a terrible mom!!  So, I tell her she probably didn’t come because she wasn’t in her own bed last night, but we couldn’t cry about it now, we had to get ready for school and leave!  At this point, I’m really feeling horrible about this-how can I forget 2 nights in a row??? 

So I start making my bed & decide to put $2 under my hubby’s pillow-which she hadn’t looked under, and I poked a small hole through the zip lock bag & took the tooth out!  I put the bag on my night stand since I was making the bed.  I then went by my hubby’s side of the bed, pretending to be fluffing his pillow & call out to her!!  Acting very surprised, I say “Look what was under daddy’s pillow?”  Oh joy!! The frown turned upside down in an instant!!  She did come by-but why didn’t she take the tooth?  Now I tell her “well, are you sure the tooth is in the bag?”  So she goes running to my side of the bed to check it out & now she’s screaming “It’s magic!! The tooth is gone & the bag is still stapled shut!!”  My quick thinking worked even better than I imagined since she didn’t notice the hole I poked in the bag….LOL!!  I was so relieved and happy that I was able to cheer her up.  I certainly didn’t want her going to school thinking that the tooth fairy had forgotten her!

I really feel like I’m losing my mind-I was never like this!

What craziness has happened in your homes with your kids?  Have you ever forgotten to play the role of the tooth fairy?


  1. Hey there,

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog!

    I love this post, because I totally do this - and have to think up stories. The latest one - the Easter Bunny didn't leave a note. The kids wrote a note to the Easter Bunny and I forgot to write one back.

    Linking up with you. I like your style!

    My story. The Easter Bunny has paws so he can't write. Ha! I told them that he blessed the note and their Easter baskets and hopped on down the road!

    Nice to know that others forget.

    1. Good thinking...LOL! Funny the things we have to do to not dissapoint our kids :) Glad you like my blog!

  2. That so sounds like something I will do. I can't tell you the number of things I forget like that. Thanks for visiting my blog. :)


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