Baby Girl's First Communion!

So this past weekend was my baby girl's First Communion.  It was a stressful time leading up to that day with everything I had to get done and organized.  Make sure I got her the dress and all the accessories, trying to stretch every dollar but still have a nice get together.  I'm glad to say that everything came out great!  It was small, just family and thanks to my uncle and aunt it was a wonderful day.  They pitched in and not only let me have the party at their house, but they also bought food to have a bbq.  It was a beautiful day - perfect for a BBQ!
We were up early, I got her dressed early then went to the bakery to pick up the cake.  I had to wait 10 minutes for them to finish decorating but it was done just in time.  I got home, picked up hubby & baby girl and headed to the church!  She looke beautiful!! She's such a princess :)

All the kids looked great - this truly was a special day!

As wonderful and special our day was, I am glad its over!  

Planning parties is too stressful!