Catching up....Trying anyway.....

July 1st already!!!  Yes, sadly the month of June flew by faster than I thought - we've done so much and I've had little time to do all of the things we've wanted to do.  Now that school is officially over, I'm hoping to regain some of my time back.  First on my list - clean & organize my house!  Its been so hectic this past month that I haven't given my home the attention it needs.  I have piles of paperwork, junk mail, magazines, uncompleted projects and so much more just laying around everywhere you turn.  Its time to attack these piles!!  I also need to get a schedule together to be able to write my blog posts regularly-no more letting a month go by with nothing!!

So now that I know everything I need to do, I will start with telling you what we've done this past month.  First up was the May Crowning at my daughter's school - she was so cute.  She had to go to school in her Communion dress and both her and one of her classmates crowned the Virgin Mary.

A few weeks after the May Crowning, we had baby girl's dance competition in Vineland, NJ.  This was exhausting but so much fun.  I love seeing her dance and have a great time!!

After the competition weekend we had Memorial Day and a few days later the Memorial Day parade.  This was the first time in many years that ODS participates in a parade - and I hope they do more because it really was fun!

This wraps up the month of May!!  I'll have June in a few days :)