First Week on Herbalife!!!

So today I weighed in after 1 week on herbalife.  No huge loss, but good enough for me - 4lbs less!  The shakes aren’t bad at all and can be filling for 2-3 hours so its very important to have those healthy snacks ready!  The tea, which I drink right after the shake isn’t terrible, I just wish I could add atleast a teaspoon of sugar!  I try to drink it quickly and not think about it!  My snacks this week have consisted of strawberries, carrots, hummus with pita chips and yogurt.  My dinner has been fairly normal and at the right portion so I don’t go over my calorie count - which I’m still keeping track of on My Fitness Pal!  Last weekend was very hectic so I didn’t really keep a good meal schedule - snacks skipped and 1 meal skipped - so I think that may have hurt my progress.  I’ll see how this week goes and this weekend should be better, so I will see what next Friday brings!  I’m hoping to lose 5 lbs!  :)
Start weight: 174
6/7 : 170