2013 Cookbook Challenge - Book #2 - Recipe #1

I finally made time to test out a new recipe and on this day I tested not just 1 but 2 recipes out of this book which I've quickly grown to love:

At first, I was skeptical but I bought it anyway because a few recipes caught my eye.  Only problem was finding the time to actually choose something from the book and making sure I had all the ingredients, but I'm happy to say I finally did!!!  My choice you ask?  Well, I decided to make Mojo Criollo Slow-Braised Pork with Sofrito Rice with Green Chiles.

I marinated overnight...

Here is the rice cooking up......

prepped the rest of the ingredients for the rice....

Here is the finished product!!

Both the pork & rice were delicious!!!

and this little appliance has become my fave :)

So, has anyone else done a cookbook challenge - or just tried a new recipe?  How was it? Hit or Miss?

I'm glad that so far, all 3 recipes I've tried so far have been awesome!!  You can read about my first new recipe here.

Happy Cooking!!!

*This post contains an affiliate link, but all opinions and thoughts are my own.  I was not paid or given anything for this post-I bought all products mentioned.