More Fun in June!!

June continued to be as chaotic as May but it was fun and memorable!  PC baseball was over and the final weeks of classes have begun.  It was time to return the Frosh Baseball jersey - wish he could've kept it!

The first weekend of June included an exhausting day of dance pictures!!  It was hot and the studio is small, tons of new moms but at the end of the day, I love seeing my princess all dressed up and in front of the camera!

We took another weekend where there were no commitments and spent the day with my sister-in-law and nieces.  We picked them up and took a ride to New Hope, PA.  This was fun-we walked around the village, checked out many stores from antique stores to a wiccan shop-Fun!

And finally I have another trip to share with you, and that was our trip to Seaside Heights. This was our first time here since hurricane Sandy and wow - it really hits you when you are there in person.  The devastation was terrible to watch on tv, but to see it in person months later was just awful.  A lot has been repaired, but there still is much to do!

 Seaside still brings joy to us all even though there is a lot missing - hope they get everything back up soon!  We drove through the town and saw many homes that were destroyed - I was so shocked with what I saw that I didn't even take any pictures.

Well, June is over, classes are finished, my son failed 2 classes and has to attend summer school :/ so yea - we keep going, living day to day and even though we suffer set backs, we keep going and enjoy all the good things we do have!!!

It's July already - our 4th was uneventful this year but it looks like our July is about to pick up speed!  Hope you all had a great 4th of July!!!