Finishing up our October!!!

I've finally made it to the end of October and Halloween.  I'm already in Christmas mode, but since I loved my daughter's costume this year, I can't just skip it!

Since we were hit by Super storm Sandy last year, we didn't get to go trick or treating.  My daughter still got dressed up but was very unhappy that we couldn't go get candy, so this year she was determined that we'd go - rain or shine.  I had to work this day and couldn't leave work until 5:30! By the time I got home, changed into my costume, got her ready and picked up my friend and my godson it was 7pm and so dark, cold and windy.  The good thing is that it hadn't started raining yet so I was rushing to get going.  Trick or treating from house to house is hard in our area because there aren't too many homes that participate - one of my many reasons to move out of this area!  We started walking and we'd find 2 to 3 home on a block that gave out candy, then we'd find a block that had a few more home giving candy so it wasn't a total bust!  

We walked for about 5 blocks and then we felt the drops!  Ugh....the rain was coming which meant our Halloween was over.  My daughter didn't make out too bad - her bag was pretty full although she came home wishing her bag was overflowing :/  I pointed out the fact that candy is bad for her teeth and to be grateful for what she did get which was more than enough.  

It was a fun night - we got out, got some exercise in by walking and was able to catch up on some girl talk with my friend while our kids went asking for candy!  

October is finally over and I'm ready for Christmas.  I've already started buying some new ornaments for this year's tree and I've already began planning our Thanksgiving dinner.  Not much to plan here since our dinner is the same every year - its our tradition and we don't like to change anything on this night.  I may add a new dessert, but that's as far as I'll stray from our Thanksgiving menu!

Are you all ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas?  I'd love to hear your plans and menus :)