Christmas Day with Little Sleep!!

6:15AM and my alarm is going off.....not my regular alarm, no, no, no.....its the alarm that NEVER works when I need it to wake me up for work, but it worked today!!!
So, since I had to get out of bed to shut it off and hubby woke up too we decided to just wake up the kids!  Santa left baby girl a singing Olaf doll so we walked in her room with it to wake her up but as soon as we opened her door - she was up!!! LOL!!
Then we got up our big boy who hates waking up early in the morning, but he wasn't too bad this morning.
Now, one thing I forgot to mention is that Santa's delivery was a bit different this year.  Usually Santa leaves all the presents out & unwrapped, ready for the kids to play with.  But this year, he decided to make them work a little bit so he left his toy bags behind - one for each and personalized....they were awesome!!! Both bags were full of gifts!

So this wonderful day has come to an end!  Best part was seeing my children opening up all of their gifts and seeing them so happy!! I am truly blessed - this really turned out to be a nice low key day with my little family!
Hope every single one of you had a wonderful day with your loved ones as well!!
Cherish all of the memories!!
Merry Christmas!!!