December Fun!!

This has been one crazy month - I'm ending the year just the way its been all year...busy, busy, busy.  I'm still trying to get a grip on my schedule and make time for everything I have or want to do.  In between all the work, Christmas shopping, cooking, homework, baseball and dance practices I did manage to make time for some fun and memorable activities.  In the last 2 months we've gone apple & pumpkin picking and took a short trip to Hershey Park, so I definitely wanted to add something fun this month!  We always try to take a trip to NYC during this time to see the tree, but since my daughter LOVES dance and now has a sudden interest in going to see musicals and plays, I got us tickets to the Christmas Spectacular at Rockefellar Center.

I used a coupon I picked up at a McDonalds one day and bought our tickets for a decent price.  I chose a Monday, so both hubby and I took the day off from work and I kept the kids home from school.  We jumped on the bus, to save money on the parking and toll, and made our way to NYC at 9am! I have to admit we all had fun and the show was great!!!

Walked by the tree, stopped in some stores including American Girl Place

Disney Store is absolutely beautiful!!! Love it!

These guys weren't great but baby girl wanted to stop - then I was shocked when they asked for tips!! I never knew they asked for tips!! 

This totally made her day!!

 Last stop - Toys R Us.....WOW!!!

This was a great day!! A few days later, baby girl had her Christmas concert and she did a wonderful job!

Now its time for post you'll read all about our little Christmas celebration at home and our little elf's appearances!