I Love Christmas!!!!

So it is finally Christmas and I'm ecstatic!!! Even though it lands in the middle of the week this year and I have to work the day before and 2 days after....stinks!! Altough, I am thankful for having a job this year.....last year I was unemployed with no luck in finding work! So....working on Christmas Eve meant I had to start cooking on the 23rd!
Our traditional meal is pernil (roasted pork shoulder) black beans, white rice and yucca(cassava).  Most of this can be done in less than 2 hours but the pork takes 5-6 hours of cooking in the oven, therefore I had to get started on this a few days before.  On Sunday I marinated it so it could start sucking up all the juices and flavor! Then on the 23rd, when I got home from work, I set my oven to 250 and put the pork in to start cooking.  It was done by 1:30AM.....I finally went to bed by 2AM and then was up at 6AM to get ready for work.  I was exhausted but I had to get moving!!
I got to work, did what I had to do and fortunately we were able to leave early....now I was excited.  I got home as soon as I could and got cooking!!
Here is the result:

We bought these from a local Cuban Bakery

This side were all the sweet treats! 
Now our Christmas Eve tradition is to open each other's gifts and then Christmas Day the gifts from Santa are opened.  So let the gift giving begin:

Then it was time to make Santa's cookies

Well, everything is finished and we are ready for Santa's arrival!! Kids are off to bed & I patiently wait for the right time for Santa to leave his gifts!

The time finally came & I'm off to bed...............