Reflecting on 2013

Sitting on my couch, watching Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin Eve while my hubby sleeps, my son watches tv and my daughter watches her new fish.  At 11:50 we'll all gather in the living room to countdown the new year but for now I sit here and think.  Thinking about this year that is coming to a close - can't believe its almost over and can't believe how fast its gone.  So much has happened that I'm still shocked it all happened in 1 year.
I started the year at a new job, got into a minor car accident in February, my son has a good year playing baseball at his school, my daughter has a great year in dance and school, my son ends up failing Freshman year so I transfer him to public school (not happy about this move), still struggling with money, my hubby's car gets destroyed while it was parked outside my job(2nd car accident), more good times pass, we have to cancel our Disney vacation (again), my mom has a heart attack(fully recovers, Thank God) and our dog suddenly dies this past Sunday.  Very sad end to a crappy year......I may even cry before the night is over but I will look forward to the future.

  • I will keep my head held high
  • I will remind myself of all the good things in our lives: us(our little family), our good health, our unity, we are happy no matter what
  • I will continue to motivate my kids to go out and take advantage of every opportunity they have
  • I will look forward to the unknown, a new year, new beginnings, more changes
  • We have goals and dreams that we hope to get working on this year
We accept whatever comes our way and we will move on the best way we can.  We will continue to trust in God and know that everything he has placed in our path is for a reason......He would never lead us down the wrong path.

So, we will keep it very low key tonight - just us and that is ok!  Yes, it would've been fun to welcome the New Year celebrating with friends and/or the rest of the family but it just isn't that kind of year.  We will end the year together, just the 4 of us, at home, happy, warm & comfy!

Straight from my comfy couch I wish you all a wonderful, happy, healthy & prosperous New Year!!!