Taking the Time

This past weekend was fairly uneventful which is strange for us as we always have something to do and somewhere to go.  Don't get me wrong, I had plenty to do at home but didn't really need to go out this weekend.  I was also feeling sick, I caught a head cold and I'm miserable.  My daughter had wanted to have a mommy and daughter day at home on Saturday, but I got all caught up in cleaning, cooking and then crashed for a nap that our day went by very fast.  So, I promised Sunday would be the day - even though I really didn't see when I would find the time as I still had so much to do.  My house is a mess - we've been organizing and I have a ton of things laying around that I want to try and sell on ebay.  I also have things for storage, then I have laundry and so on and so forth!  When was I going to have the time to sit and play for 2 hours!  Guess I'd figure it out the next day and hope she'd forget (I know, that sounds terrible).

So now its Sunday!  Guess what my baby girl's first words were??? Mommy & daughter time!!!
I made breakfast, cleaned up and went to her room.  What the heck!! The mess can wait, but why keep my baby girl waiting - she won't be 8 forever and the days are flying by!  Before I know it, she'll be 15 and I'll never get these days back so.....it was time to play!  We colored some pages in her coloring book, she showed me how to make a snow flake and we drew and colored easter eggs.  Then we watched the movie of her choice!  It was so nice.  I let go of my never ending to do list and just focused on her, on being a kid and just having fun!  She enjoyed every second of it, and so did I.

I managed to get my bedroom cleaned up afterwards - surprisingly, I had so much energy after our play date that I put it to good use!

I guess even my 8 year old can teach me a thing or two -- take time to let go and enjoy these small but special moments!  They only come once - the cleaning and messy house will always be there - so I will no longer ignore my children's request for attention - when they need it, I will take the time to give it them!